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Sphider Support

If you are having a problem with Sphider, this is the place to look for an answer. 
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by Teyfo
1,391 10 08/03/2007 10:25PM
Last Post by Ando

Problem by indexing links/sites

by pl_90
1,434 7 08/03/2007 02:32PM
Last Post by pl_90

Using "Tags" on pages

by Vicky
1,271 5 08/03/2007 02:05PM
Last Post by Vicky

Sphider Eror !!

by Teyfo
1,234 2 08/03/2007 11:30AM
Last Post by Teyfo

suggestions for the URL must contain feature

by kev777
1,527 4 08/01/2007 11:43AM
Last Post by Ando

Not indexing all

by sectioni
1,373 6 07/31/2007 05:32PM
Last Post by sectioni

Establishing Connection

by sectioni
1,316 5 07/31/2007 05:31PM
Last Post by sectioni

Upgrading from 1.2.7

by zookp
1,312 3 07/31/2007 05:23PM
Last Post by zookp

Limit crawl depth away from original site

by pwilson
1,183 2 07/31/2007 11:38AM
Last Post by Ando

Crawl password protected sites

by amigo
1,474 4 07/30/2007 02:34AM
Last Post by amigo

Summaries in search results

by kman
1,412 3 07/29/2007 11:20PM
Last Post by kman

Version 1.3.2   (Pages: 1 2)

by Ando
3,414 33 07/29/2007 07:47PM
Last Post by Tec

New look of the website

by Ando
1,420 4 07/29/2007 05:08PM
Last Post by rec


by udovandijke
1,429 3 07/29/2007 04:31PM
Last Post by udovandijke

Old problem: Establishing connection with socket failed.

by figo2476
1,326 1 07/29/2007 08:05AM
Last Post by figo2476

Question about search engine

by Claudia76
1,206 2 07/28/2007 09:28PM
Last Post by Ando

top menu problem when displaying seach results

by elegal
1,288 3 07/28/2007 07:20PM
Last Post by Ando

Sponsored Listing / Indexing Pages

by pl_90
1,602 7 07/28/2007 06:51PM
Last Post by pl_90

How do I search in ALL sites and delete links?

by peterj
1,785 12 07/28/2007 03:55AM
Last Post by Anonymous User

index only new sites from command line

by mike171562
1,696 5 07/28/2007 01:54AM
Last Post by mike171562

Indexing & Reindexing stops for larger sites without errormessage

by suchmaschine-bochum
1,794 14 07/28/2007 01:49AM
Last Post by rec

Call Spider.php and add parameters?

by ehdesign
3,622 2 07/27/2007 11:26PM
Last Post by rec

PDF conversion problem

by jgarib
3,139 17 07/27/2007 05:12PM
Last Post by sectioni

Can SPHIDER crash a server badly?

by peterj
1,690 3 07/26/2007 11:10PM
Last Post by peterj

exist table key word does not exit

by mad2112
1,469 2 07/26/2007 10:36PM
Last Post by Ando

A silly question: when I enter a domain search, I get no results....please help

by Rodesh
1,274 3 07/26/2007 10:32PM
Last Post by Ando

Indexing not working on generated navigation links

by etopian
1,361 2 07/26/2007 10:32PM
Last Post by Ando

Problem when I index

by netul
1,822 11 07/26/2007 06:29PM
Last Post by foutrelis

database tables

by mandeep
1,266 2 07/26/2007 06:15PM
Last Post by Ando

index problems when changing apache port

by Speed_D3mon
1,491 5 07/26/2007 04:10AM
Last Post by Speed_D3mon