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Sphider Support

If you are having a problem with Sphider, this is the place to look for an answer. 
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Avoid no keyword submit...anyone please help

by hawkeye
3,064 13 09/29/2007 03:39PM
Last Post by hawkeye

Using Table Prefix

by z8000783
1,997 3 09/28/2007 09:11AM
Last Post by z8000783

How to show Most popular searches in my index page?

by emoweb
3,430 10 09/27/2007 03:49PM
Last Post by pradels

Problem with character encoding

by Fran
2,529 15 09/27/2007 03:39PM
Last Post by hawkeye

Page contains less than 10 words??

by pronet
2,246 8 09/25/2007 06:13PM
Last Post by recortes

Unable to log in to admin after moving to new Web host

by sharonmg
1,897 6 09/25/2007 12:03PM
Last Post by sharonmg

in script I added a table but it does not work

by stephane52
1,869 1 09/25/2007 02:55AM
Last Post by stephane52

Windows 2003 Server w/IIS 6

by rodneyo
2,608 3 09/24/2007 06:09PM
Last Post by rodneyo

Problem with results page. Search box in wrong place

by Nig
1,920 6 09/24/2007 12:35PM
Last Post by Ando

Can't index correctly

by piciumilanese
1,690 2 09/23/2007 05:52PM
Last Post by Picalo

pls help me about dont indexing

by fadlgasm
1,677 1 09/23/2007 02:49PM
Last Post by fadlgasm

Advanced Options page

by Nig
2,037 5 09/22/2007 11:33PM
Last Post by Nig

Adding site does not enter title and short description into keywords

by fox
2,032 2 09/22/2007 07:53PM
Last Post by Ando

Version 1.3.3 goes stable

by Ando
1,997 5 09/22/2007 07:16PM
Last Post by recortes

problem with select

by stephane52
1,894 1 09/21/2007 02:31PM
Last Post by stephane52

Sphider question : multi-language website

by Alex1
2,214 3 09/21/2007 01:23PM
Last Post by damacx

Bad encoding of french caracters

by saith
1,706 2 09/21/2007 08:58AM
Last Post by Tec

link search field to search.php

by chris_bbg888
2,042 2 09/20/2007 08:43PM
Last Post by Tec

Indexing non URLs

by fox
1,878 4 09/19/2007 09:44PM
Last Post by Picalo

new search mode [ like google ]

by cybernet
2,731 2 09/19/2007 07:04PM
Last Post by rec

Searching in category - 2nd result page

by Emil.Blume
1,946 2 09/19/2007 07:02PM
Last Post by rec

Local problem?

by Hoore500
1,957 2 09/19/2007 07:00PM
Last Post by rec

I need sphider version with utf-8

by view
2,092 2 09/19/2007 07:00PM
Last Post by rec

No authorisation

by pilot233
1,934 2 09/19/2007 06:59PM
Last Post by rec

Fatal error

by dral
1,890 2 09/19/2007 06:57PM
Last Post by rec

I dont understand about "Bound number of search results"

by hawkeye
2,063 2 09/19/2007 06:56PM
Last Post by rec

Indexing Errors

by Kpg_Designs
2,159 2 09/19/2007 06:55PM
Last Post by rec

admin.php listing all sites

by mike171562
3,231 15 09/19/2007 06:54PM
Last Post by rec

Thanks to SPHIDER

by ntech
1,829 2 09/19/2007 06:50PM
Last Post by rec

Warning: mysql_fetch_row(): supplied

by hawkeye
1,887 3 09/18/2007 10:06PM
Last Post by hawkeye