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Sphider Support

If you are having a problem with Sphider, this is the place to look for an answer. 
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Sphider newbe

by hvac3901
3,434 6 05/22/2007 07:52AM
Last Post by Andriko

To those that seek HELP! Some advice!

by Andriko
2,756 1 05/22/2007 07:44AM
Last Post by Andriko

just a problem

by qamar
2,776 6 05/22/2007 07:42AM
Last Post by Andriko

Page is a duplicate - no, not really => Forcing a reindex

by Hitman
3,906 7 05/21/2007 04:06PM
Last Post by Hitman

Prevent from indexing *.wmv

by Emil.Blume
2,784 2 05/21/2007 02:07PM
Last Post by Ando

Embedding Search Box On My Page

by kmaven
2,976 3 05/18/2007 11:40PM
Last Post by sh2009kd

Sphider indexed pages latin only ?

by view
2,867 1 05/18/2007 09:23PM
Last Post by view

follow but not index

by fneumeier
2,683 3 05/18/2007 10:32AM
Last Post by Ando

Possible to use subdomains?

by nick
2,962 6 05/17/2007 04:06AM
Last Post by fmpwizard

site php files?

by doublem
2,789 2 05/16/2007 09:19PM
Last Post by wimb

excellent search engine, but what about stemming?

by mindplay
4,750 5 05/16/2007 08:00PM
Last Post by Anonymous User

Memory Error -> auto-add File to don't index?!

by mahakala
3,135 9 05/16/2007 03:28PM
Last Post by mahakala

Get text from specific tag

by rok
2,569 2 05/15/2007 07:37AM
Last Post by Andriko

Starting multiple indexing jobs

by Emil.Blume
2,861 6 05/15/2007 07:02AM
Last Post by asw22pilot

Indexing https

by asw22pilot
3,003 6 05/15/2007 06:58AM
Last Post by asw22pilot

Limit search results

by larryjam
2,653 2 05/15/2007 03:03AM
Last Post by Emil.Blume

utf-8 with sphider not work

by view
2,653 3 05/14/2007 09:09AM
Last Post by view

caching results

by yakuza
2,579 3 05/13/2007 01:05PM
Last Post by yakuza

MOd_rewrite for nice URL's

by kenrrik
3,094 6 05/13/2007 04:01AM
Last Post by kenrrik

Dynamic Titles and descriptions - 1 installation Modification

by kenrrik
3,766 1 05/12/2007 10:25PM
Last Post by kenrrik

Custom Title and Description For Search

by kenrrik
3,320 1 05/12/2007 09:49PM
Last Post by kenrrik

Custom Title and Description For Directory

by kenrrik
4,490 1 05/12/2007 09:25PM
Last Post by kenrrik


by MetalGear
3,130 3 05/12/2007 03:27PM
Last Post by MetalGear

Searching in Category / 2nd Page in results seems not to be in category

by Emil.Blume
4,421 2 05/11/2007 09:23PM
Last Post by Emil.Blume

bug with indexing forgetting ports

by mooloop
2,915 2 05/10/2007 10:53AM
Last Post by Ando

backup doesn't work

by nick
4,013 2 05/09/2007 10:50PM
Last Post by CeeJay

search only in description...

by nick
2,756 2 05/09/2007 07:54AM
Last Post by Ando

wont index a .nsf page

by asw22pilot
3,612 4 05/08/2007 04:24AM
Last Post by asw22pilot

Regarding pdf search implementation on Linux

by lisakurien
5,483 1 05/07/2007 10:47AM
Last Post by lisakurien

Index complete PDF-files

by jeskoa
2,725 1 05/07/2007 08:51AM
Last Post by jeskoa