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Sphider Support

If you are having a problem with Sphider, this is the place to look for an answer. 
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indexing products and xmls

by menezes
2,999 3 04/06/2007 11:04PM
Last Post by fmpwizard

Operation timed out

by pilot233
3,363 2 04/06/2007 10:21PM
Last Post by fmpwizard

max execute time and set_time_limit

by circuitbomb
4,781 5 04/06/2007 10:20PM
Last Post by fmpwizard

Omit the ?search=1 parameter?

by Josh
2,774 3 04/06/2007 07:55AM
Last Post by Josh

PowerPoint indexing

by skipou
2,918 2 04/05/2007 01:44PM
Last Post by skipou

Different results

by twi
2,882 5 04/05/2007 12:09PM
Last Post by Anonymous User

word search

by stephane52
5,471 2 04/04/2007 08:09PM
Last Post by Ando

Load Must and must Not as files from commandline

by Hex Angel
5,893 1 04/04/2007 03:26PM
Last Post by Hex Angel

one problem

by cybernet
3,933 1 04/03/2007 06:49AM
Last Post by cybernet

Include files & navigation bar

by colaks
3,450 2 04/02/2007 08:22PM
Last Post by wimb

PDF indexing Cannot open file

by jcolgate
3,359 3 04/02/2007 05:48PM
Last Post by colaks

Also Having "Top Only Spidering" Problem

by MarketRaid
5,105 6 04/02/2007 02:52PM
Last Post by simmonsdav

partial re-index?

by fneumeier
6,272 5 04/01/2007 07:14AM
Last Post by fneumeier

The crawler does not follow Href links

by roman
3,986 3 03/31/2007 09:29PM
Last Post by roman

Database connection error

by badboss
5,385 3 03/29/2007 01:56PM
Last Post by MarketRaid

sphider.php in blank.

by menezes
6,119 2 03/29/2007 09:49AM
Last Post by Ando

must include option for meta tags

by tom95521
4,503 1 03/28/2007 08:15PM
Last Post by tom95521

sphider mod_auth_mysql authenticated site

by simmonsdav
3,689 2 03/28/2007 03:25PM
Last Post by Ando

How to search websites? (with www.)

by netul
6,353 5 03/27/2007 12:31PM
Last Post by Tec

Huge ol' error - Incorrect String Value, etc...

by ccnaboy_888
5,970 2 03/27/2007 07:48AM
Last Post by ccnaboy_888

Searching this forum...

by tsnj
5,058 4 03/26/2007 05:59PM
Last Post by tsnj

Search for a part of a word?

by mike
7,113 2 03/26/2007 05:18PM
Last Post by Ando

Suggest Framework and problems with several numerical orders

by Tec
6,124 1 03/26/2007 12:46PM
Last Post by Tec

google images

by cybernet
5,063 1 03/24/2007 09:19PM
Last Post by cybernet

Out of range value adjusted for column 'results' at row 1

by davide73
5,263 2 03/24/2007 12:41PM
Last Post by Fernando

Page contains less than 10 words

by netul
8,833 7 03/23/2007 08:43PM
Last Post by wimb

Server side redirects and wrong links in the resulting page

by tariquesani
4,273 2 03/20/2007 11:26AM
Last Post by tariquesani

...admin/spider.php PROBLEM!!

by mikey8390
4,658 2 03/19/2007 03:33AM
Last Post by MarketRaid

New Installation - Error

by larryjam
6,796 2 03/17/2007 10:45AM
Last Post by Ando

"Establishing connection with socket failed." Please help

by ambiguity
5,485 3 03/14/2007 03:46PM
Last Post by ambiguity