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Include files & navigation bar

Posted by colaks 
Include files & navigation bar
April 02, 2007 09:13PM
My site uses include files to display the left navigation bar which shows up on every page on the site.

Sphider indexes the content in the left navigation bar which throws off the results considerably. Is there a way to get Sphider to ignore the include files and just spider the content area of the page?
Re: Include files & navigation bar
April 02, 2007 11:22PM
copied from the manual:

Ignoring links
Sphider respect rel="nofollow" attribute in <a href..> tags, so for example the link foo.html in <a href="foo.html" rel="nofollow> is ignored.

Ignoring parts of a page
Sphider includes an option to exclude parts of pages from being indexed. This can for example be used to prevent search result flooding when certain keywords appear on certain part in most pages (like a header, footer or a menu). Any part of a page between <!--sphider_noindex--> and <!--/sphider_noindex--> tags is not indexed, however links in it are followed.
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