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PowerPoint indexing

Posted by skipou 
PowerPoint indexing
April 05, 2007 01:18PM
Before all,
Thanks you for this powerful search engine. it's very complete and genius.

But i have a small bug.
I try to index ppt.

So i check the checkbox and set the path for mypath/catdoc/catppt.exe

I'm not sure but i think to remember that i've update source code to let ppt indexing (not include in shared source code)

But, when i have traced source code log, i have seen that the exec command return 1 (instead of 0 in "good" case) and there is no result (instead of file text converted in "good" case).
the worst is when i try the command line catppt.exe with the SAME parameters, it's works!!!

SAFE_MODE OFF, i've given chmod 777 to the complete folder
I'm under windows XP (but 2000 server for my prod)

Please help !!!!! winking smiley
Re: PowerPoint indexing
April 05, 2007 04:44PM
I have found a CATDOC port for win32....


And that's work !!

smiling smiley
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