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Indexation delay now admin is frozen

Posted by will87 
Indexation delay now admin is frozen
December 29, 2013 05:24PM
Hi all,

I started indexing my site with sphider earlier today. The search function works perfectly and I'm very impressed. However the indexation process has never really completed. Now the admin section seems to be completely frozen.

I used the full site option when starting the indexation. However there is no neat point at which the site will be fully indexed. In fact the page links on my site continue indefinitely.

Is the indexation still running? Any ideas what might be happening?

Re: Indexation delay now admin is frozen
December 29, 2013 05:43PM
Are you running Sphider on a 'Shared Hosting' server? Indexing with a search engine like Sphider is very problematic on a 'Shared Hosting' server. Indexing huge amount of links might be interrupted, because the granted time slice could be ended before index procedure is finished. Thus the index procedure hangs forever.

Re: Indexation delay now admin is frozen
December 29, 2013 06:16PM
Thanks for your reply,

I think I may be. If so, does that mean I simply shouldn't be running Sphider?

Is there anything I can do currently to force the indexing procedure to finish?

Re: Indexation delay now admin is frozen
December 30, 2013 01:03AM
At the end you could not prevent that your provider will abort the index procedure, because of the limited time slice granted to you on a Shared Hosting server. You may reduce the folder depth to be indexed, speed up your Internet connection and suppress the log file output. But the original Sphider is unable to re-connect a lost MySQL connection and hangs forever by server 'time out'. Then you may open a new Admin instance and manually try to continue the broken index procedure, which probably again will be knocked out by time out.

There might be one solution for the original Sphider. Do not enter http://www.your_domain.de into the Sites view of the Admin backend. Split it into different URLs like
http://www.your_domain.de /folder1/
http://www.your_domain.de /folder2/
http://www.your_domain.de /folder3/
(without blanks)

Additionally add
into the 'URL Must include' option of the according URLs. So each index procedure only needs to work out a part of your site, and thus the consumed time for each indexer will be shorter.
But if your site contains thousands of pages, your provider again might become master.


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