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Sphider newbe

Posted by hvac3901 
Sphider newbe
April 06, 2007 05:42AM
I am using Go-Daddy hosting, and the SQL is set up with them. I cannot access the SQL via the command promt (that i know of if its possible please assist)

I was woonderinng if anyone here knows how to set this up properly using a hosting account, but specific to mine would be great.

I am using htaccess to protect my files, is that an issue? I have installed all of the files as instructed in the read me txt.

And i find myself looking to this forum for further help. I will openly admit that I am not a website computer guru of any kind, however I am not so slow to learn so i am hopeful that helping me woon't be too tiresome.

kind regards,
And thank you in advance.
Re: Sphider newbe
April 07, 2007 01:17AM
Hi, yes, there is no access through command prompt on godaddy hosting. But they have a web interface where you will have to create a database and then, use the name of the database when installing sphider. As of sphider 1.3.1, there was a "install.php" file (or similar name) that would ask you the name of the database to use and the user/password to access the database.

If you need more details, let us know.

Diego Medina
[url=http://www.fmpwizard.com]Web Developer[/url]
Re: Sphider newbe
April 07, 2007 08:14PM
yes i found that part, and mmanaged to open the tables into the database, but have as of yet to figure out how to populate the database (run the spider) i have been setting the PHP files (as best i can) to run the spider the way i want it to. But i am now wondering if my order of events is wrong, I should have done that first correct?

I mean installing something that dosn't populate the database with html and pdf and doc's then i just need to wipe it out and do it again this time with the files set to do a JOB sound right?

What happened was I just stumbled upon running the install portion of the Sphider, but the files were not yet set to actually do anything, Except HTML (by default that was set at =1) so I am now cofused was it installed and something is ye to be done, or do i now need to delete the dtabase and start again?

This matter is further complicated in that I haven't implpemented a HTML accessible search function yet. Such a Noob I swear.

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Re: Sphider newbe
April 07, 2007 10:01PM
oppss, i managed to open /insert the tables, the install I am not sure i have been able to run.

How would one go about doing such a thing in the mqsqladmin page?
Re: Sphider newbe
May 17, 2007 06:47AM
to install sphider, there is a php file that you need to run, I do not remember right this moment the name of the file, but it must be inside the admin folder.
That script will take care of the full installation process.

Diego Medina
[url=http://www.fmpwizard.com]Web Developer[/url]
Re: Sphider newbe
May 22, 2007 10:52AM
I am actually a bit confused! What seems to be the actual problem?
The best, and fastest way you have to do is give the configuration file (godaddy hosts on linux except if you specify to be on a windows server) a 666 or better for the first installation a 777 access! This means PHP itself is allowed to have write access tou your config file!
Edit this part in database.php found in settings folder

$database="your db name as set up with godaddy";
$mysql_user = "the username";
$mysql_password = "the password";
$mysql_host = "mysqlXX.Secureserver.net";
$mysql_table_prefix = "";

on the HOST part you MUST use mysqlXX.secureserver.net where XX is to be replaced with the DB Server Godaddy has assigned you!

This should be it!


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