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Expand Title description size

Posted by cmarangon 
Expand Title description size
May 17, 2014 05:11PM

My title description is
<title>Bebidas Tampa<br><a href="/t.php"><img src="/t.gif" border="0"></a></title>

but is too short.

Is there a way to have a title like:
<title>MY HOUSE HAS A LOT OF BEVERAGE Tampa<br><a href="/t.php"><img src="/t.gif" border="0"></a></title>

I include some pics in the title and it works, showing the picture, however it is limited to few words.

Is there a way of include more words in the title, including pictures?.

Please see my site, you will see the example working.


and look for bebida
Re: Expand Title description size
May 17, 2014 07:33PM
At present title length is limited to 40 characters.
Open the script
in your editor and find the row
$title = substr($file, 0, strrpos(substr($file, 0, 40), " "\));
Feel free to modify this row to
$title = substr($file, 0, strrpos(substr($file, 0, 200), " "\));
Delete the backslashes in front of the last 2 closing brackets. In order to prevent these stupid smilies inside the code, I was obliged to add them.

Do not increase the value above 200, because table size in MySQL database is limited to this value.

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