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Adding Search terms using a checkbox

Posted by AnGeL_WiNgS 
Adding Search terms using a checkbox
August 04, 2014 04:51PM
I would like to have the option add a search term to a query using radio buttons or a check box. Essentially I would like there to be a search bar with either a check box which says: Search only for cats*. If selected, it would add +cats to the search terms. Alternately a radio button which reads: Search in Cats or Search the Entire Site.
On another page there would be a search bar with a check box which says: Search only for dogs*. If selected, it would add +dogs to the search terms.

I started down the path of using categories, but the documentation on how to implement it was limited and as this was on a single site, the forum consensus seems to be that categories either wouldn't work or didn't make sense. Is this true?

Thanks for any help you could give me!

*Cats and Dogs are just used here as an example so I don't have to bother explaining the actual technical terms.
Re: Adding Search terms using a checkbox
August 05, 2014 03:25PM
Yes, as you wrote, categories would be the solution for your application. Unfortunately, besides the missing docu, I've to inform you that there are several bugs in category search of the original Sphider.

Sorry, but meanwhile I am getting a little bit tired to write again and again, that the original Sphider is unsupported since 2008. And, sorry again, instead Sphider-plus is under continuous development. Offering its complete docu online. But attention, this docu is not valid for the original Sphider. Meanwhile hundreds of new features (additional mods, functions, template designs and debugging) have been added to the original Sphider.

Offering multiple database support, also each database could hold an unlimited amount of table sets. This is the real solution for your application, as you may 'Erase & Re-'index' each of your categories individually. Because each table set would only hold one of your categories. This speeds up the index procedure extremely, because only the content of the modified pages need to be indexed. All the other 'categories' remain untouched, and thus remain reachable for the users of your search engine, while indexing only the modified content of one category.

If you like an example for a Sphider-plus application, please visit grhs.org. After searching global on the complete site content, you may improve the results by selecting any category, which you are interested in. One of the applications, realized by multiple table sets in one database.

Yes, I am asking for the amount of 25 Euro for Sphider-plus. But not because I want to buy a Porsche car next year. As I'm offering a lot of after sales service, I just want to deter all the script kiddies, who are just playing around and wasting my poor spare time.

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