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again: installation problem

Posted by huckmao 
again: installation problem
August 10, 2014 03:27PM
I can't install sphider correctly. When I go to http://localhost/.../sphider/admin/install.php, I get the answer that mysql_query('create table ...') is deprecated. I should use mysqli_query, which I then did with: mysqli_query($link, 'create table ...'). $link is defined in 'database.php', instead of $success. $database and all the other variables are recognised (I checked with echo $database, echo $mysql_user etc.).
Altough I get the answer "Creating tables successfully completed. Go to admin.php to start indexing", the tables are not created!

When I create them manually with 'tables.sql' (I changed 'time timestamp(14)' to 'time timestamp'), then of course the tables are created.

But when I then go to http://localhost/.../sphider/admin/admin.php, there appears 'no database selected' (although the database variables are still recognised) and I can't index or add site or do anything else.

Thank you for help!
Re: again: installation problem
August 10, 2014 06:56PM
If you receive
mysql_query('create table ...') is deprecated
while running …/admin/install.php, you obviously installed Sphider in an PHP 5.5 environment. But unfortunately the original Sphider uses the old mysql_query() in all of its scripts.

As your server seems not to accept the old MySQL functions, I am afraid that you will not succeed to run the original Sphider on your server, because of all the deprecated MySQL functions. For your above 'admin.php' example: to address (select) a database by means of mysqli is not compatible to the old mysql function.

Re: again: installation problem
August 11, 2014 10:41AM
Thank you for the answer,
yes I run PHP 5.5.1 on my local server. Is there any intention to update sphider for the newer php versions?

Should I try myself to replace the deprecated functions with the compatible ones (I'am not a good programmer) ? What I mean is, would sphider run, if I just replace the deprecated functions?

Re: again: installation problem
August 11, 2014 01:11PM
<<< Is there any intention to update sphider for the newer php versions? >>>
No, not foreseen. The original Sphider is unsupported since 2008. As far as I know, Ando Saabas, as the developer of this search engine, does not intend to investigate furtheron in his software.

<<< Should I try myself to replace the deprecated functions >>>
If you are not a good programmer, it might become hard for you. As stated in my last posting, mysqli requires another addressing. It is not enough to replace the old mysql functions with mysqli functions. Even if this is written in some forums on the Internet. Additionally you should keep in mind, that not only the mysql functions are deprecated, but also some PHP functions. Consequently you additionally need to upgrade these PHP functions. Don't want to frighten you, but also not all the new functions are 1:1 compatible to the deprecated. Especially the PCRE part (using regex) were modified.

Before you ask:

No, the updated Sphider version 1.3.7 created by 'yappadoo' http://www.sphider.eu/forum/read.php?3,16722 is not PHP 5.5.x compatible.

Also Sphider Pro (v.3.3) http://www.sphiderpro.eu/ is still using all the deprecated functions.

There is only one search engine of this family, which is up to date: Sphider-plus http://www.sphider-plus.eu
The SQLi connector is implemented since version 3 between PHP and a MySQL database. Performed by OOP. Also all PHP functions are upgraded, so that this search engine is running well in an PHP 5.5.x environment.


ps. Sorry that several of my postings in this forum are finally pointing to Sphider-plus.
Re: again: installation problem
August 11, 2014 02:34PM
Thank you very much for your information.
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