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search listing incomplete

Posted by daypackrambler 
search listing incomplete
April 26, 2015 05:39PM
on doing a check of the search facility I have found that some words and pages are not being included in the search results - the test was for words that are definitely on certain pages
eg "walk" - not showing all the pages that contain this word
"witch" - not found - it is on www.daypackrambler.co.uk/routes/wpm3 - witch country.php page

The site is www.daypackrambler.co.uk

I have tried reindexing and clearing then doing a new index - same result
the index listing shows all relevant pages are being indexed

is there an issue or am I doing something wrong

Re: search listing incomplete
April 26, 2015 09:33PM
Use your Sphider installation at http://www.daypackrambler.co.uk and query for 'routes'.
Then have a look at result no. 21 to find out that the original Sphider was unable to index the URL. Consequently no word was indexed from:

This URL is also unreachable on the Internet, because addressing the URL with any browser is answered with HTTP error 404 (not found).

Attempts of explanation:

1. The URL is really not reachable on the Internet, as also any browser does not get the content. Consequently the index procedure of Sphider is unable to index anything. If this is your issue, clean up your Internet presentation with correct links to all the pages.

2. The original Sphider was unable to parse the correct URL, and afterwards fails to index this not existing URL. Check out whether this is a real URL on your server. Find the page, which contains the link to
Might be something similar, which had been invalid parsed by the original Sphider.

Re: search listing incomplete
April 27, 2015 10:39PM
Hopefully the errors have now been corrected. It appears to have been 2 problems
1. white spaces in the web page titles - although the links all worked OK, it appears search engines don't recognise them, so the white spaces have now been removed from the page titles

2. The search sphider search engine wasn't seeing pdf files have now re indexed with the pdf file setting ticked

Thanks for pointing me in right direction and perhaps I need to look at reviewing how I test updates and new pages in future so that the errors show up.

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