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Re: have an error in your SQL syntax

Posted by Tec 
Re: have an error in your SQL syntax
July 14, 2015 03:02PM
It is not necessary to repeat your posts in new threads. Meanwhile all your duplicate threads were deleted. This is a moderated forum. Until a moderator did not survey your postings, they will not be published in this forum. So, keep cool and wait for the approval of your posts.

In detail:
No answer on my former suggestions does not goad me on further answers and suggestions. But in order to give to you an additional info: Obviously you installed Sphider on a 'Shared Hosting' server. Contact your provider for further assistance. The PHP environment and the server settings are much to restrictive. You are fighting against your provider. Up to now I didn't recognize a script problem of Sphider in any of your questions.


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