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Activate Category search

Posted by devkbsc 
Activate Category search
March 09, 2016 03:29PM
I am looking for a possibility to make a category search. Because Actually i have added two set of links of two websites

1) Category1 = site_linksA

2) Category2 = site_linksB.

But I cannot see my classified search results. For the moment, my search engine show only the results belongs to site_linksA

How to automate my search engine box to select my category before trigger the search button?
Re: Activate Category search
March 10, 2016 11:36AM
Well, for me it is working well. Eventually you did not assign the categories to your URLs. Please follow all steps as explained here:

Step 1
In admin backend select 'Categories' and define your categories. As 2 examples let us name them 'English' and 'French'. Press 'Add' for each of your categories and return back to 'Sites' view.

Step 2
Select 'Add site' and enter one of the (site) URLs to be indexed. At the bottom of the 'Edit site' sub menu you will find the selection for 'Categories'. Activate any category for this URL by means of the according check box. Press 'Add' to finish your selection. Now this (site) URL and all its (page) links are assigned to one of your categories.

Step 3
Repeat step 2 for all (site) URLs to be indexed.

Step 4
Index all sites.

Now open search.php in your web browser and find the category selection beyond the search form. The user of your search engine may select from which category ('English' OR 'French') the results are expected. This is working quite well for the original Sphider.

<<< Because Actually i have added two set of links of two websites>>>
This sounds a little bit strange. Just add one (site) URL into the 'Add site' menu and additionally set the index depth to specify the (pages) links to be indexed.

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