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Posted by zbdblues 
March 20, 2016 07:48AM
Hi, I've seen a lot of scripts described as 'lightweight', what exactly does that mean in the case of sphider?
Does it break down if too many urls are crawled, or what happens to make it 'lightweight'?
Would love to use sphider in a 'heavier' application, are there any reasons why I shouldn't?
Your comments would be most appreciated.
Re: Lightweight?
March 20, 2016 10:36AM
'Lightweight' means that this search engine concentrates on the most important components of a search engine. You may index text content of a site and then search for the stored keywords, extracted from the text.
There is no limitation implemented to break down after crawling x URLs. On the other hand please keep in mind that the original Sphider is not supported by its developer since about 8 years. So, if you use newer server environment (e.g. like PHP 5.5) and you prefer a MySQLi connector to your database, you should have a look at the improvements 'rap' meanwhile added. If you additionally look for a lot of more features than pure text indexation, you should also have a look at Sphider-plus.


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Re: Lightweight?
March 20, 2016 06:28PM
Tec is correct. My test platform has a dozen sites, ten categories or subcategories, 78 thousand keywords, 13 thousand urls and works just fine. However, it only handles text in pages and pdf files (and theoretically doc, xls, and pps files).

If you want to index images, follow feeds, etc., Sphider-plus is your ticket. It is more powerful for those who desire more than a lightweight engine.

One additional note about my updates: Mysqli/mysqlnd is used to support prepared statements. Some hosts do not support mysqlnd on shared hosting! For that reason, I created a PDO variation.
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