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What is index depth?

Posted by devkbsc 
What is index depth?
April 08, 2016 01:40PM
Hello, what is the evolution of changing index depth from 1 to 2
Re: What is index depth?
April 08, 2016 03:41PM
As of the Sphider docu, which is to be found at

Full: Indexing continues until there are no further (permitted) links to follow.

To depth: Indexes to a given depth, where depth means how many "clicks" away the page can be from the starting page. Depth 0 means that only the starting page is indexed, depth 1 indexes the starting page and all the pages linked from it etc.

In other words 'depth' defines the order of/deepness of folders (sub folders) to be indexed.

As an example:
...domain.com index.php => depth 0
...domain.com/folder1/index.php => depth 1
...domian.com/folder1/folder2/index.php => depth 2


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