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some words not being found on indexed pages

Posted by Wobbie Wobbit 
some words not being found on indexed pages
May 11, 2016 02:30PM
hello I have just installed sphider on 2 sites and for the most part it seems to be working nicely.
my main issue is the one installed at dfpportraits.co.uk is not finding certain words but finding others on the same page and that word on one page (should be 3 pages) (eg, in the phrase "Cheesy's waggly tail" waggly and tail show in results but not cheesy's (tried cheesy and cheesy's) a title "Cheesy Profile" doesn't show either word or both when searched. there are a few other words not showing as many results as I know there are even though it is showing some occurences. I have been through the settings and done the re-indexing with erase but it is the same each time. it is also making some strange suggestions for misspelled words.

also although both are working (one fine the other flaky) in the admin panel on the database table for both it says ERROR: Database contains no tables but it does and is working for the most part.

any help would be very much appreciated. TIA.
Re: some words not being found on indexed pages
May 11, 2016 05:50PM
In general the original Sphider quite well indexes phrases like "Cheesy's waggly tail", so that words like cheesy's become searchable. Just checked it on my computer and it is working well for me.

But obviously you activated the option
Use word stemming
This option creates a lot of unexpected search results. For example the word 'Cheesy's' will be reduced to 'cheesy' during index procedure. Thus 'Cheesy's' will not be searchable afterwards. Even searching for 'cheesy' will not deliver any results, as the search algorithm is unable to highlight the keyword 'cheesy', as it does not exist in full text.
Uncheck the option 'Use word stemming' and 'Erase & Re-index' your site. In case you like the users of your search engine to query for 'cheesy' as well as for 'cheesy's', please have a look at Sphider-plus.

Regarding your second issue "ERROR: Database contains no tables":
Did you use a table prefix when creating the database? It is obligatory to use a table prefix. But it should not contain any special charachters. Some older versions of MySQL did not accept them . . .


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