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Using Sphider as a Search Engine Like Google

Posted by newguy29 
Using Sphider as a Search Engine Like Google
August 30, 2016 02:41PM
Hi All,

I have created a stand alone search engine using spider, you can check it out here (any feedback much appreciated) http://solicitorsearchengine.co.uk but after every search it keeps throwing up these errors-

Table 'sphider3.domains' doesn't existTable 'sphider3.domains' doesn't existTable 'sphider3.query_log' doesn't exist

I have hid the other errors using "error_reporting(0);" but the above errors keep showing up. The whole site functions properly as it should but it doesn't look very good for the user to have these errors show up!

Do I have to add the 'sphider3.domains' and 'sphider3.query_log' tables to the database and some PHP code somewhere?

Thanks Guys!! I am now a big fan of sphider!
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