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Empty Database

Posted by rcull 
Empty Database
February 16, 2017 05:31PM
I ran the script and indexed directories and urls which I would rather not have searched.

I am looking for a way to empty the database and re-index a site. Is the only method to go into the database and "Truncate" it?

I am not good with databasessad smiley

Re: Empty Database
February 20, 2017 12:36PM
Yes, Sphider does not offer an option to delete the content of the database, as well as an 'Erase & Re-index‘ option is not available. Sphider-plus offers al these features.
Consequently you will be obliged to truncate the tables of your database individually.
As an application hint: Do not delete the content of the table 'sites‘. So the URLs you intend to index will remain avaialable in your database. The wrong URLs you my delete individually in 'Sites' view of your admin backend.

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