Index site on IIS with 'windows integrated authentication'
October 04, 2017 05:08PM
I want to index some content on a local intranet instance running on an M$ IIS with 'windows integrated authentication' enabled.

I have downloaded and configured Sphider to try if this would fit our needs. Installing (db/tables/admin) went fine. Sphider is running on the same host as the site that is going to be indexed.

Now when i try to index the base site i get a 401 in the iis logs.

For all my GETs to the Sphider HTML Gui itself i see my Domain/Name but the indexing process that is called has a dash as username in the iis logs. So somehow the indexing process gets started independend from my session.

Before fighting hours and hours through source code i am asking you if someone has encountered this problem?

How is the indexing process called? How can i run the indexing as a dedicated user?

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Re: Index site on IIS with 'windows integrated authentication'
October 06, 2017 05:45AM
MS IIS with integrated authentication is famous for 401's. Authentication is a two step process and IIS tends to recycle before the second step is complete. Run sphider from a command prompt. That MIGHT work.

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Re: Index site on IIS with 'windows integrated authentication'
October 09, 2017 05:24PM
Doesn't work. Seems like the credentials are not passed to the functions crawling the pages...

The problem seems well-known but i did not find a solution yet.

But the package above is not available anymore
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