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Re-indexing with cron

Posted by rorydale 
Re-indexing with cron
April 14, 2007 03:39PM
I'm a cron novice, but after reading this forum, and the installation and usage instructions I set up this cron job in cpanel on my server:

php spider.php -u http://www.domain.org -r

This is the error I get when the job runs:

Status: 404
X-Powered-By: PHP/4.4.6
Content-type: text/html

No input file specified.

Can anyone help??
Re: Re-indexing with cron
April 16, 2007 08:15PM
Bump for help on this. Anyone?
Re: Re-indexing with cron
April 17, 2007 02:42AM
I think you will need to specify the full system path to spider.php - /htdocs/webroot/sphider/spider.php.
Re: Re-indexing with cron
April 17, 2007 01:00PM
Here is what I use on a Solaris server, where I have compiled and installed Apache2, PHP, and MySQL.

Crontab entry:
0 0 1 * * /scripts/update-sphider > /dev/null 2>&1

And the update-sphider script:

LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:/usr/local/mysql/lib: \

cd /usr/local/apache2/htdocs/sphider/admin
/usr/local/bin/php ./spider.php -all -f
Re: Re-indexing with cron
April 19, 2007 11:31AM

i did define full path as:
/home/xxx/public_html/eng/scripts/search/admin/spider.php -u [www.xxx.si/eng/] -r

I get
/bin/sh: /home/xxx/public_html/eng/scripts/search/admin/spider.php: Permission denied

Then i changed permission of sphider.php to 744
The message was

/home/xxx/public_html/eng/scripts/search/admin/spider.php: line 1: ?php: No such file or directory
/home/xxx/public_html/eng/scripts/search/admin/spider.php: line 2: /aquota.user: Permission denied
/home/xxx/public_html/eng/scripts/search/admin/spider.php: line 3: etc: command not found
/home/xxx/public_html/eng/scripts/search/admin/spider.php: line 4: etc: command not found
/home/xxx/public_html/eng/scripts/search/admin/spider.php: line 5: syntax error near unexpected token `('
/home/xxx/public_html/eng/scripts/search/admin/spider.php: line 5: `* By Ando Saabas ando(a t)cs.ioc.ee'

Any ideas?
Thx in adv
Anonymous User
Re: Re-indexing with cron
April 20, 2007 09:08PM
Make a clean install of sphider
Re: Re-indexing with cron
April 25, 2007 04:39PM
What clean install has to do with these errors?

Regards, Mato
Re: Re-indexing with cron
April 25, 2007 09:37PM

The cron errors you are getting are because PHP cannot find the "Include" or "Require" directives in spider.php script.

You must change the directory to where spider.php is located and then call php to execute spider.php.

For example:

cd /home/xxx/public_html/eng/scripts/search/admin/
/usr/local/bin/php spider.php -u "http://www.xxx.si/eng/" -r

Make sure that the site you have entered matches exactly as the one when you created under Sphider Sites. I think it usually starts with "http://".

Also, make sure that when you renamed the folder "Sphider" to something else like "Search", you must change the "Include" or "Require" directives in all the Sphider scripts in order to reflect the change.

Check out this post for more info:


Wish you all the best.
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