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Sphider Indexing - Unreachable 404?

Posted by peefoo 
Sphider Indexing - Unreachable 404?
April 21, 2007 04:48AM

I have a domain, with a homepage that looks like this right now:

But when I try to index it, I get "unreachable: http 404":

Spidering "http://wwwtest.domain.com/cmsms/index.php?page=home"
Disallowed files and directories in robots.txt:

1. Retrieving: "http://wwwtest.domain.com/cmsms/index.php?page=home" at 21:39:20.
Unreachable: http 404
Links found: 0. New links: 0

I've tried indexing sites like cnn.com and nba.com, and those work fine. Anyone know what might be going on?

Is there a problem because my URL has "wwwtest" instead of "www"? Or maybe because the page ends with "index.php?page=home" ?

Much thanks,
Anonymous User
Re: Sphider Indexing - Unreachable 404?
April 24, 2007 12:20AM
Maybe Sphider could recognize those pages if you were allowed to browse those directories
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