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Prefered results

Posted by mzeitler 
Prefered results
April 22, 2007 05:08AM

I have a website with different types of content and I would like to show result groups


Found on internal pages
5 results
Found on Forum Pages
5 results
Found in external pages
5 results

The user should then be able to continue to the next matches within a group.

How would you do that?

My first idea was to basically run 3 searches and combine them on one page, but there is a performance penalty on that since every search would query the database 3 times.

Any better ideas?

Anonymous User
Re: Prefered results
April 24, 2007 12:13AM
Perhaps Sphider is not good enough for that. Anyway, I should like to see the solution for your question.
Re: Prefered results
April 26, 2007 12:48AM

Sphider does have the notion of categories.

Therefore, each of your groups (internal, forum and external) should be associated with one and only one category.

Right now, sphider does not show results by category, you must manually click on each category to do a search.

So, with a little bit of tweaking, when you perform a search, find out if the returned results (links) belong to any category and simply put them together. Or you can even tell mysql to group the results by "Category".

Just a thought!
Re: Prefered results
April 27, 2007 02:07AM

Could you do this?

Create three different sphiders, and rename the sphider.php (I think that is the file that does the lifting) differently for each one. Make sure you three different categories are in three different folders, and then write 3 different robots.xt for each folder. Have each robots.txt dissallow the other two spiders, so that each spider is only spider its corresponding file.
Then when a person searches, change the submit so that it submits the keyword to each of the three seperate spiders. Maybe create a page with 3 frames to show the seperate results, or maybe change code to run the same function three times to get three different sets of results on results page? (Sorry have not thought this all the way through, but I think this is a place to start.
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