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PDF indexing Cannot open file

Posted by jcolgate 
PDF indexing Cannot open file
March 21, 2007 07:42AM
Thank you for this excellent software. I believe I've got past most of the common questions. However, when I'm indexing the site and it gets to a PDF I receive an error that it can't open the temp/temp_file.

I replaced the settings on temp to reflect the absolute path to the domain on our server. This includes /var/www/vhosts/(thedomainname)/httpdocs/sphider/temp/tmp_file. I've only replaced the domain name in the reference to avoid future search engines from finding it here on the forum. I'll be happy to private message anyone with the real path. We are naturally keeping all references to Sphider in place.

So far the domain has php Safe Mode off, pdf converter software on the server, and I've even created a temp folder and chmod'd it to 777.

Any ideas why I can't get it to index past this point? It now says indexing is suspended. We are really hoping for the PDF option to work.


Re: PDF indexing Cannot open file
March 21, 2007 12:55PM
I really dont know why it would giev this error. Double check that the directory you give in the settings is indeed the directory you chmodded 777.
Re: PDF indexing Cannot open file
April 02, 2007 08:48PM
had the same problem. I just added a blank file called "temp_file" in the admin/tmp folder and it worked. chmod 777
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