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Searching dates?

Posted by huseurdaddy2001 
Searching dates?
April 30, 2007 02:12AM

Sphider cannot search dates with forward slashes (/).

For example, if I search for 04/29/07, sphider finds nothing, even though I have sites with that date.

If I edit my sites and simply replace the forward slash (/) with a hyphen (-) and re-index, then sphider finds all sites if I search for 04-29-07.

Is it possible to modify sphider such that it returns sites with slashes in date as keywords?
Re: Searching dates?
April 30, 2007 09:35AM
Open .../admin/sphiderfuncs.php

Search for:

$file = preg_replace("/[\*\^\+\?\\\.\[\]\^\$\|\{\)\(\}~!\"\/@#?$%&=`?;><:,]+/", " ", $file);

Delete this row and replace it with:

$file = preg_replace("/[\*\^\+\?\\\[\]\^\$\|\{\)\(\}~!\"@#?$%&=`?;><:,]+/", " ", $file);

This modification will let you search for 30/04/2007 and also for 30.04.2007

Re: Searching dates?
May 03, 2007 07:20AM
Thanx, that worked out great!
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