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Possible to use subdomains?

Posted by nick 
Possible to use subdomains?
May 04, 2007 07:34AM
Now we see the url http://www.domain.com/search.php?query=test&search=1

Is it possible to use subdomains with this script with just one installation?
example: http://test.domain.com/search.php?query=test&search=1
Re: Possible to use subdomains?
May 04, 2007 08:19AM
Sure, I have sphider setup on this subdomain
[url=http://search.fmpwizard.com]Subdomain Web Develolper[/url]

or you can also access it here
[url=http://www.fmpwizard.com/search/]Regular Folder Web Develolper[/url]

Diego Medina
[url=http://www.fmpwizard.com]Web Developer[/url]
Re: Possible to use subdomains?
May 04, 2007 09:38PM
THanks for the reply!

I have just tried something out, like the way you are using your script. I copied the complete script to http://subdomain.domain.com/ and because it points to the same database I can use http://subdomain.domain.com/search.php?query=test&search=1
And because some files are not needed for the subdomain, I can reduce the size.

Re: Possible to use subdomains?
May 12, 2007 11:10AM
many experts say having sub domains increase the alexa and page ranks.
is it correct?
or if some one can suggest the better sub domains which can attract good page rank for site http://www.planstudyabroad.com
Re: Possible to use subdomains?
May 13, 2007 12:40AM
Subdomain help a lot if manage them good.

I am following that idea, thats why I am customizing the script for unique titles and descriptions.
Re: Possible to use subdomains?
May 17, 2007 07:06AM
I agree, many search engines (like Google) consider subdomain different domains, hence it increases your ranking.

Diego Medina
[url=http://www.fmpwizard.com]Web Developer[/url]
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