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Searching in Category / 2nd Page in results seems not to be in category

Posted by Emil.Blume 
Searching in Category / 2nd Page in results seems not to be in category
May 12, 2007 12:04AM
When I search in a category, I just get the first page from this category.

It's URL is:


After clicking to second result page on the bottom the URL of the resulting page shows:


When I type the following URL manually I get a diffrent result:

URL rewrite and different search methods
May 12, 2007 12:23AM
After kenrrik was asking for a solution about MOD_REWRITE and nice URLS
in his post http://www.sphider.eu/forum/read.php?2,469
the're should probably a scheme to have all used URLs in the same style.
Meaning parameters of querys always in the same way.

Query without category:

Query with category:

This would give the ability to easily build nice URLs like



The Parameters for 1_1_20.html are taken from

This could be a goal to get sites running sphider better indexed.

Since I'am not very familiar with PHP (just started a few days ago)
I hope there is someone who can edit the URL results from searchbox and the paging between resultpages on the bottom of results to get this working.

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