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Custom Title and Description For Search

Posted by kenrrik 
Custom Title and Description For Search
May 13, 2007 12:49AM
This is the second part of the mod.

First part can be reader at [url]http://www.sphider.eu/forum/read.php?2,485[/url]

This one is for search results:

Note: This work only if you are using subdomains. This goes in the header file.

On the templates -> header.html modify the head and add:

if($query == ''){
echo "<TITLE>Your default title goes here!</TITLE>\n";
echo '<meta name="description" content="Your default configuration goes here">';
} else {
echo "<TITLE>". ucwords($query) ." Search Results - Modify this to feet your needs!</TITLE>\n";
echo '<meta name="description" content="'.ucwords($query).' Search Results. Dont forget to modify this to show the power of '.ucwords($query).'.">';

Please feel free to modify and give me some feedback... smiling smiley

I will be working now with a General one for 1 script site.
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