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utf-8 with sphider not work

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utf-8 with sphider not work
May 13, 2007 01:20PM
hello my dears

I have data base utf-8 and all page html and php utf-8

with this all character work in category and other pages but results page not work right with utf-8 that for some code or function preg_match to cause this error I not expert php and I need hellp to work right utf-8 with code sphider

ex. error results :

ǡ՝͉ ǡц퓭ɠ| ǡȑ폠| ǡ?ȇѠ| ǡʑݭ堼 ㈦ȉ 㑍ȇ ȟ ݬ ǡŕχѠǡʌѭȬ Ꮡϔɠ㕑Ǧ젎Շƕ ǡϑϔɠ?ў ȑʞǡ젃ґޠ݇ʍ ?֑ ǎʑ ᦤ ǡϑϔɠǝʍ ݬ 䇝Љ 㤝աɠ( 㓇ڏ&#608winking smiley ǎʑ 懍ω 㤠ؑ힊�Ꮞ桠ǡʇᭉ: ԑ͠ǡϑϔɠώ桠ǡǚև|/div

sorry for my english sad smiley

best wishes
Re: utf-8 with sphider not work
May 13, 2007 08:31PM

2 things:

1. Where we can see this error in action.
2. It looks like there is something not rendering correct. Can you be a little more specific?
Re: utf-8 with sphider not work
May 14, 2007 12:09PM
hello kenrrik

all ting preparer right but some error in the code in function anci character

how we fix this to work sphider with utf-8

what is solution ?
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