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Posted by selym 
October 09, 2008 04:05AM
Hello All,

I had recently found a post on Sphiders limitations, and it mentioned where to read about them. Now I can't seem to find it.

Can anyone tell me what the limitations of Sphider are for sites, links, keywords, etc. I have A LOT of sites I would like to eventually index and before I get too far into it, I need to know if I should be changing the depth to 1 or even 0 instead of the current setting of 2.


Re: Limitations
October 10, 2008 03:09PM
Dear Selym, if the sites are your own you might want to set the depth to unlimited to get all pages indexed.

Sphider actually has no real limitations as long as you are within the scope of the project.
Some functionality includer within Sphider I would rather experimental, you won't get any "usable" results out of it .. one such features is word stemming which is only to be used in english, just to give you an example.
Also if you site depends on cookies ... you won't make a good catch with it as the spidering process does not "store" cookies.
These are only some limitations, which with an average website you should not even bother about... an use Sphider to your free will.
If you are the more "multilingual" type I'd suggest you use Sphider-Plus by Tec... it seems to have some advantages over Sphider.


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