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Images & CSS

Posted by Astropage 
Images & CSS
June 06, 2007 06:20PM
I am currently integrating sphider into my layout. The CSS and the Images don't appear. I copied the whole page layout in search_results, leaving the main part with the code intact. The css didn't work, so I also copied it and put it in search_results. But Images don't work, so the layout is messy. Help!
Re: Images & CSS
June 07, 2007 03:06PM
When including css and images, keep in mind that they should be relative to the directory where search.php is in, not relative to the template directory
Re: Images & CSS
June 07, 2007 04:49PM
Ok thanks for the quick answer I solved the problem, but unhappily resolving one problem raises another one: My template is a fixed 2-column layout. The search results mess up the css badly. Is there a way to adapt the search results so they fit into the column? thanks for the help and the great script
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