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Number Search Not Functioning

Posted by jamie 
Number Search Not Functioning
June 08, 2007 10:34PM
I am running version 1.3.1 with $index_numbers=1, but the site still doesn't seem to be searching and/or indexing numbers as expected. There are version numbers on the site (ie. 2.42, 2.50 etc...) but the search_keywords table only seems to have 2, 42, and 50. Even when I try searching on those ('50', for instance), the system returns:

Following words were ignored (too short or common): 50
The search "50" did not match any documents

Am I missing something?

Re: Number Search Not Functioning
June 09, 2007 12:20AM

2.42, 2.50 etc are not indexed, because the dot is prevented from being indexed.

Open ...\admin\spiderfuncs.php and search for

$file = preg_replace("/[\*\^\+\?\\\.\[\]\^\$\|\{\)\(\}~!\"\/@#£$%&=`´;><:,]+/", " ", $file);

Remove . and all other characters you need from that string. Or, for a first test, comment the whole row //
In order to store all you need, do a fresh index of your sites. Doen't use Reindex!!! 42 and 50 are ignored, because of "Minimum word length in order to be indexed" in admin section.


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