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How does sphider rank websites?

Posted by Chukillz 
How does sphider rank websites?
August 31, 2011 06:20AM
i am having issues with getting my site to rank the sites that i index.... here is my settings

Search settings
20 Default results per page
2 Number of columns in category list. If you increase this, you might also want to increase the category table with in the css file.
0 Bound number of search results. Can speed up searches on large database (should be 0)
0 The length of the description string queried from the database when displaying search results. Can significantly speed up searching on very slow machines, if set to a lower value (eg 250 or 1000; 0 is unlimited), otherwise doesn't have an effect.
9 Number of links shown to "next" pages
yes Show meta description in results page if it exists, otherwise show an extract from the page text.
yes Advanced search (shows and/or)
yes Show query scores
yes Show categories
250 Maximum length of page summary displayed in search results
yes Enable spelling suggestions (Did you mean...)
yes Show only the 2 most relevant links from each site (a la google)
yes Enable Sphider Suggest
yes Search for suggestions in query log
yes Search for suggestions in keywords
yes Search for suggestions in phrases
10 Limit number of suggestions
20 Relative weight of a word in the title of a webpage
60 Relative weight of a word in the domain name
10 Relative weight of a word in the path name
0 Relative weight of a word in meta_keywords

those are my settings but im not sure exactly if they are getting ranked correctly...how do i know that they are getting ranked correctly?

like if you search my search engine name... "the wicked realms" then it will show 2 listing....both for the site "hostwoot.com" here is the link...


but the first one is a printable version...and the second one is the actual site...why is this? i do not totally understand...
Re: How does sphider rank websites?
August 31, 2011 10:51AM
Re: How does sphider rank websites?
September 01, 2011 08:21AM

I have read your reply but you failed to answer my question (in both forums)

my search engine results being VERY inaccurate are driving clients away...

i have asked the same question twice with out a useful answer...all i want to know is instead of all these codes can you please look at my numbers and show me what i should add together and multiply so that i know what i have to change to atleast get me started...if you use numbers then i will better understand...

I am sorry for bothering you with this but i really need some help with it...

thank you for your support
Re: How does sphider rank websites?
September 01, 2011 04:17PM
<<< can you please look at my numbers and show me what i should add together and multiply >>>
No. Because I gave to you all the theoretical background you need to do it by yourselves. Now it is up to you to use the four basic arithmetic operations to calculate the weighting of each keyword. As you probably will agree, this is not possible (for me) without knowledge of the content of each of your links and the position of each keyword with respect to the main domain.

If you call my answer "failed" and "not usefull", you don't understand it well and will have to find someone else to add, multiply and divide for you.

Re: How does sphider rank websites?
September 01, 2011 05:57PM
i didnt mean to "offend" you by saying the words "with out a useful answer" what i ment was it wasnt very understanding to me and i was asking for help...yes you gave me all the theoretical background that i should have but it is very difficult to understand...basicly i guess what i am asking for is an example that could help me figure this out...i am good with things i can see first hand (such as examples)

i am sorry if you took this the wrong way i am just trying to make my site work properly...(just like you had to learn as well) i am really trying here

if it is money that you want in return for helping me then name your price...

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Re: How does sphider rank websites?
September 02, 2011 04:55PM
i have deleted my search engine and have given up on sphider (atleast for now and probably for good) if i do decide to start again i will get sphider plus!! and no that does not mean that i am giving tec credit it means i want to see if it gives a better search results list because sphider is very inaccuarate and the support you get with sphider is very unuseful yes i said it...UNUSEFUL...atleast it is for me and i have a right to my opinion just like every one else here maybe sphider plus has more better results or maybe i will just save my money and get the InOut search engine... it may cost more money but hey maybe the result will be better for me....i tried it the sphider way...now its time to try something else!!!

PS you cant talk all the sh** you want about me writing this out but i dont care because i tried my best and i asked questions so that i could learn what you guys know....how the hell is someone going to learn if they are not taught how to do it...seems that you guys are being selfish with knowledge yeah you learned somehow but think about this....you were once in need of help too you may have went about finding the answer differently but why cant you share your knowledge with those who are willing to learn? i never asked you to solve my issues totally i asked you to point me in the right direction and to give me a helping hand (like an example of a few numbers)

i can feel that you guys already are reading this and saying dude shut the hell up...yeah well when you walk a mile in my shoes then you can talk to me about it


(not trying to be rude just explaining my opinion about this topic and yes it is completely all ON TOPIC
Re: How does sphider rank websites?
January 13, 2012 01:42PM
no it doesnt give better results, i found it worse.
Re: How does sphider rank websites?
January 14, 2012 04:03PM
btw, i moved on to zoom, its a whole different ballgame.
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