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Integration with include

Posted by hwhunsr 
Integration with include
September 19, 2011 12:15AM
I need to integrate sphider-plus into a large website. So my search script looks like

echo "<form action='http://www.xyz.de/default.php' method='get' target='_self'>";

and later in the default.php I use the include

include "http://www.xyz.de/sphider-plus_v.2.6b/search.php";

But I cant see any search result, I see only the extened selection screen, but if I replace default.php by sphider-plus_v.2.6b/search.php
it works.
I can not use the direct call to the search.php script, because I have to position the results in a special area (<div>...) by include.
What is wrong with my configuration? Anythink about the path settings? But the resultpage is indicated, only the direct results are missing.
php V 5.1.6
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