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Adding Amharic language

Posted by sheshu 
Adding Amharic language
March 28, 2014 09:28AM
This post may help you to add one language to this amazing search engine,
My name is daniel Tesfaye. i am from Ethiopia, in this country there are many language but the official language is Amharic, it is good for you to have this language language in this software because it is the time of Globalization.

$sph_messages = Array (
"Categories" => "ክፍል",
"CATEGORIES" => "ክፍል",
"Untitled" => "ያልተስየመ",
"Powered by" => "የኢትዮጲያ",
"Previous" => "ከህዋላ",
"Next" => "ቀጥሎ",
"Result page" => "የውጤት ገጾች",
"Only in category" => "በክፍል ብቻ",
"Search" => "ፈልግ",
"All sites" => "ሁሉም ድህረ-ገጾች ",
"Web pages" => "ገጾች",
"noMatch" => " \"%query\" የሚመስል ከመረጃ ቐት አልተገኘም",
"ignoredWords" => "ቃሎቹ ተዘለዋል (በጣም ትንሽ ወይም የተለመዱ ናቸው): %ignored_words",
"resultsFor" => "ዉጤት:",
"Results" => "ውጤት ከ %from - %to አጠቃላይ %all %matchword ተገኝተዋል(%secs ሰከንድ) ", //matchword will be replaced by match or matches (from this file), depending on the number of results.
"match" => "ተመሳሳይ",
"matches" => "ተመሳሳዮች",
"andSearch" => "AND Search",
"orSearch" => "OR Search",
"phraseSearch" => "Phrase Search",
"show" => "አሳይ ",
"resultsPerPage" => "ውጤቶች በየገጹ",
"DidYouMean" => "ማለት የፈለከው.."
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