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robot name

Posted by keverw 
robot name
April 08, 2008 10:11PM
Hello I look at awstats on my site and i was wounding some things. This tells me what Spiders been to my site.
like for google it says googlebot and i can click it to learn more about googlebot. same with ask. I was wounding how to make it so when i index people sites It will say a name i can set and if they click it , it will link to a page.
Re: robot name
April 15, 2008 07:06PM
Open file /admin/settings/conf.php

$user_agent = "Sphider";
to whatever you want the robot name to be
(e.g. if I want the robot to be MyRobot I would change the line to read:
$user_agent = "MyRobot";

You can also access this setting from the admin settings tab under Spider Settings.

Not sure about the clicking and linking to a page though.
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