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Import URL

Posted by fazer 
Import URL
May 09, 2008 07:25AM
Hi Guys,

Done some searching around the forum to get a "plain and simple" tutorial on importing domains through a single url file.

I used to use sphider some time ago and used a single importurl.txt file and it worked great.

It's been a while and i need simple steps to take to set this up again. I've got around 5000 domains i need to add into the crawler with a depth of 1.

Any help is much appreicated. Really need some urgent help willing to paypal if the help is as above.


Re: Import URL
May 09, 2008 08:57AM
Hello Fazer,

The easiest way is to use Sphider-plus. Import and export of url lists is integral part of the admin section. If you don't like Sphider-plus as it needs PHP5, there is a copy and paste instruction to import a url list I published here:

The corresponding instructions to export your url list you may find here:

Re: Import URL
May 09, 2008 11:37PM
this too me isn't simple like it used to be.

before it was a case of building the url list ie:


there was an import.php script that looked for the url list

that was it i think... i read the other post and get lost..
Re: Import URL
May 10, 2008 01:56AM
You wrote:
>this too me isn't simple like it used to be.
>before it was a case of building the url list ie

Don't understand your posting. One time you must start. Write a list manually, or immediately use Sphider-plus to export the current list of Sphiders database into a file.

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