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Sphider-plus version 1.6 released

Posted by Tec 
Sphider-plus version 1.6 released
September 06, 2008 07:48PM
The new release is ready and may be downloaded at

In front of Sphider-plus version 1.5 the following items have been added / modified:

Additional item in Admin settings in order to select:
- Instead of weighting %, show count of query hits in full text.
Selecting this item will also influence the order of result listing. Now only the
number of keyword hits in full text will define the position of a page in result listing.

Additional item in Admin settings to select the chronological order of result listing:
- 'Most Popular Links ' on top.
Activating this item, Sphider-plus will present the result listing in order of before
learned link attractivity. Defined as those links with the best user acceptance (clicks).

Additional items in Statistics overview:
- Queries total
- Link clicks total

Additional item in Admin / Statistics:
- Most Popular Links.
Presenting the quantity of clicks individual for each link with date and time of last click.
Also the latest query before clicking that link is presented.

Additional item in Admin / Clean:
- Clear 'Most Popular Links' log.

Additional item for index/re-index procedures:
- Temporary ignore 'robots.txt'.

If utf-8 support is activated, result listing now is independent for queries with upper- or lowercase letters.
Or alternatively, if selected in Admin settings, distinct results for case sensitive queries could be performed.

Improved utf-8 support for non-Latin characters.

Improved suggest framework for utf-8 support. Now offering suggestions
- for phrases
- for accented letters
- for non-Latin characters
Known issue: Well working for Firefox and Opera browser, for non-Latin characters IE is not cooperative. Need to rewrite the Suggest Framework completely for a browser independent presentation of the suggestions.

Improved search functionality for queries with accent letters without selecting the utf-8 support.

Phrase search improved, so that common words and too short (min_word_length) words could be used as part of the query phrase and are no longer marked as ignored.

Improved functionality for 'Most popular searches'. Now also
- Advanced search settings
- Categories
- Mode of highlighting
- Results per page
will be taken into account when clicking a 'Most popular searches' suggestion.

Bug fixed that seduced Sphider to follow links that are placed in HTML comments.

Bug fixed that created a wrong weighting calculation for keywords placed
- behind a word that did not match 'min_word_length'
- behind a 'common' word
- first found in full text

Bug fixed in 'Strict search' that caused invalid highlighting in result listing.

September 09, 2008 08:40PM

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Re: Sphider-plus version 1.6 released
September 18, 2008 06:15AM
Chinese can not search is Sphider-plus version 1.6 !
Re: Sphider-plus version 1.6 released
September 18, 2008 05:44PM
<<< Chinese can not search is Sphider-plus version 1.6 ! >>>

Invalid statement!

If the site to be indexed is UTF-8 coded, with Sphider-plus v.1.6 I had absolutely no problem to index that site and search for Simplified Chinese symbols. The same (good) result I also got for a GB2312 coded site (http://down.chinaz.com/).
As I already posted several weeks ago, the translation tables for Chinese charsets are not part of my Sphider-plus distributions.
So it could be a problem of your local iconv() integration into your PHP binary. You need the 'libiconv' library installed in your system. For more details take notice of the PHP manual.
Sphider-plus uses the iconv() function as first attempt to translate local charsets into UTF-8. See the Sphider-plus enclosed documentation file readme.pdf (chapter 'UTF-8 support and referred charset') for more details.

Re: Sphider-plus version 1.6 released
September 19, 2008 08:47AM
Thank you for your answer!
Re: Sphider-plus version 1.6 released
September 22, 2008 01:00PM
nice work Tec , really big thanks for your amazing works.

and i have an idea Tec about your next release of sphider-plus if you don't mind , i don't know it can be areal or not , but it will be very very wonderful and useful thing if could done. my idea to integrate Google custom search with sphider-plus, mean it will be an option in admin panel to integrate results from Google search , but the exciting thing in it to allow in the admin panel to determine specific sites that allowed to get results from when the visitor search ,as an example:
i had a restaurant search engine, i want to index some restaurants websites but maybe there is a website is very big and need huge space to index it's page but in the same time i need to get results from it when any visitor use my search engine because it's a very useful site to visitor , so simply i enter my admin panel and go to the options and write the site url and allow the option to get results from Google search engine only from this site results and done , by this way i make my visitors get more benefit results from my search engine.

I really really hope this feature could done , it will be another level up for sphider-plus.

thanks Tec for every thing.
Re: Sphider-plus version 1.6 released
September 22, 2008 06:36PM
Hello elking10

Thanks for your suggestion. I will have a look on that. Is this matter of general interest? Anyone else interested? Before investigating into Google Custom Search I would like to get some more input from Sphider-plus admins/users.

Re: Sphider-plus version 1.6 released
September 23, 2008 02:59PM
I apologize for using bad English translator, I am from Russia.
After dobovleniya user, it can be seen in the administrative panel to endorse the tab sites, but after pressing the button to approve, reject or ban had nothing does not happen, peregruzhaetsya page and all. Sites have been there and left.
Give what may be the problem?
Proper coding!
October 03, 2008 01:56PM
function SuggestFramework_Query(instance)
var phrase = SuggestFramework_InputContainer[instance].value;
if(phrase == "" || phrase == SuggestFramework_Previous[instance]) return;
SuggestFramework_Previous[instance] = phrase;
//alert(SuggestFramework_Previous[instance]+' = '+phrase);

phrase = phrase.trim();

phrase = encodeURIComponent(phrase);

//phrase = escape(phrase);
SuggestFramework_Request(instance, SuggestFramework_Action[instance] + "?type=" + SuggestFramework_Name[instance] + "&q=" + phrase);

guys if you remove the escape for proper encoding in some char sets under UTF-8 you will need the encodeURIComponent function. This also substitutes escapes!

Re: Sphider-plus version 1.6 released
October 20, 2008 07:38PM
HI Folks,

Again, nice work TEC!

As for the combining search results, I'm not sure how that fits with sphider's core functionality.

That sounds like it would be better built as a "scraper" mod. Because that's essentially what it is - a scraper.

And sphider is a search engine program - not a "meta-search" engine. So (fwiw) I personally would treat it either as a mod or as another product.

IMO, but it probably would be easier for elking10 and others who need this to write or get a simple scraper program, run a search on google/msn/yahoo/whoever and get the list of domains that are relevant and then feed them into sphider to index.

Repeat periodically to update the list.

just an idea
Re: Sphider-plus version 1.6 released
November 20, 2008 07:20AM
i downloaded this
install fresh and it did not want to index
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