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Use Antiword in place of Catdoc?

Posted by Dekortage 
Use Antiword in place of Catdoc?
December 31, 2008 06:14PM
I have set up Sphider on a client's shared hosting package. Searching, indexing works fine. I even got xpdf to work so it can handle PDF files (see http://www.sphider.eu/forum/read.php?2,4413,4421 for the details).

Like a lot of other people, I am looking for a way to let Sphider index Word files. Catdoc might work if I could find a precompiled binary for my host, but that presents two problems: first, I have no shell access (shared hosting!!!) and don't know exactly what the Linux environment is, and second, I can't find ANY precompiled versions of Catdoc.

I did, however, find a precompiled version of Antiword -- via a Antiword patch package available through Moodle -- and have attempted to use it following the same basic setup as xpdf. It doesn't work. Sphider runs the DOC file and reports that the file has less than ten words in it -- which basically means that the conversion didn't work. So... is the problem that Antiword isn't working? (could be compiled for a different environment) Or is Sphider not compatible with Antiword? In the core Sphider (not Sphider Plus) is there a way to enable debugging or output the text from Antiword so I could see what the output is?

Thanks in advance.

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