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Spanish language

Posted by Fernando 
Spanish language
March 24, 2007 02:44PM
I want to send you the spanish language (es-language.php) 100% translated because in the last version 1.3.1f there were some lines without translating.


$sph_messages =  Array (
	"Categories" => "Categor?as",
	"Untitled" => "Documento sin t?tulo",
	"Powered by" => "Powered by",
	"Previous" => "Anterior",
	"Next" => "Siguiente",
	"Result page" => "P?gina",
	"Only in category" => "S?lo en esta categor?a",
	"Search" => "Buscar",
	"All sites" => "Todos los sitios",
	"Web pages" => "P?ginas Web",
	"noMatch" => "La b?squeda \"%query\" no reporta ning?n documento",
	"ignoredWords" => "Estas palabras se han omitido por ser demasiado cortas o comunes: %ignored_words",
	"resultsFor" => "Resultados para:",
	"Results" => "Mostrando %from - %to de %all %matchword (%secs segundos)",
	"match" => "resultado",
	"matches" => "resultados",
	"andSearch" => "B?squeda AND",         
	"orSearch" => "B?squeda OR",    
	"phraseSearch" => "Frase exacta",
	"show" => "Mostrar",
	"resultsPerPage" => "resultados por p?gina",
	"DidYouMean" => "?Quiz? quiso decir"

Anonymous User
Re: Spanish language
June 13, 2007 01:09AM
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