How to add a moving tag cloud to Sphider
July 18, 2010 10:43AM
I hope this proves useful to others who are looking to add a folksonomy to their sphider search patterns.

I wanted to generate the WP-Cumulus moving tag cloud to my sphider user search keywords found in the query log.

The aim is to show a moving tag cloud of user search terms that are visual identifiable as common search terms. Hope that makes sense.
note that keywords with no results are supressed for better functionality.

You can easily change this to use the keyowrds in you site etc but this would be more of a taxonomy than a folksonomy - have a play. The end reults are attractive and user friendly.

Example of what I am talking about:

[url=]How to add a moving tag cloud to sphider[/url]

Please note that I only occasionally monitor this forum, if you need a pointer about the script example, please leave a comment on the article
Re: How to add a moving tag cloud to Sphider
August 05, 2010 01:32PM
Could you please upload the files? It would be alot easier to understand.
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