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lots of quastions

Posted by ahmed.musa.a 
lots of quastions
August 24, 2010 05:52PM
how to i chang the tamplete
how to show snapshote the way inout search engine deos
deos sphider support arabic
what is the limit for indexing
is it possible to use google api for the search results

sorry for my bad english
if you need any help with arabic support i'm here

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Re: lots of quastions
August 13, 2011 11:07PM
1) the template is really easy to change just edit the files in the dark template and then switch your template using the settings in the admin panel

2) how to show snapshote the way inout search engine deos ...i really dont understand what you are meaning by this

3) please click this link here http://www.sphider.eu/forum/search.php?2,search=arabic,page=1,match_type=ALL,match_dates=0,match_forum=ALL

4) I receive a "Fatal error: Allowed memory size of xx bytes exhausted (tried to allocate yy bytes) in ..." message while indexing.

This means that you have a maximum memory limit set in your PHP settings, and Sphider has run into this limit. You need to increase the memory available. In php.ini, find "memory_limit = xx" and change it to a bigger value... (hopefully it is the answer you are looking for)

5) im not sure about using google API but i dont see the point with it because if your trying to be unique...dont use google API because then you will pretty much be copying everyone else who uses google api and have the same search results as they do...the question is "why would you want to do that?"

I hope this helps you!!

Your friend
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