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Wordpress plugin / future posts

Posted by rumlab 
Wordpress plugin / future posts
September 24, 2010 03:15PM
Hello all.
Hope someone can help me a bit here:

I just installed the plugin, and was hoping to be able to have my future posts inclued in the search.
I tried Search Unleashed plugin, that actually does that, but it also has some layout problems with my theme.
Does anyone know, if this is possible with Sphider?

Re: Wordpress plugin / future posts
September 25, 2010 06:16AM
Future posts aren't displayed by wordpress and it doesn't allow search engines to index those. Isn't it sane? Just do a search on Google and you will find out why.

Follow the standards, not IE.
- I have decided that I would no longer be developing for "any" of the browsers. I would rather follow the standa
Re: Wordpress plugin / future posts
September 27, 2010 02:10PM
Lots of people are using future posts for event sites, so it would be a shame not being able to have search. As my theme shows future posts, they also show up in google. Anyways, I got Search Unleashed working.

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