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Indexing Enhancement (more than A HREF links)

Posted by ggbce 
Indexing Enhancement (more than A HREF links)
February 27, 2011 05:32PM

I use Sphider since many months and I like this tool. Easy to install, easy to use !

But I observed that something is missing to index properly recent website. I indexed my website and I understand that Sphider find A HREF links in pages only. Many websites, like mine, also use another ways to link pages between them, like window.open JavaScript method (when links are called in a picture, table, buttons), FORMS, etc.

I think parsing these keywords to find links will increase the product quality !!!

Let me know if a solution already exist for that (and how to set it) or may be added in your next release winking smiley
Re: Indexing Enhancement (more than A HREF links)
August 05, 2011 05:15AM
It would appear from the source that this already exists. What leads you to think it isn't?
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