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manage duplicate content

Posted by Prasanna 
manage duplicate content
March 05, 2011 10:21AM
how to manage duplicate content?

How do sphider-plus manage duplicate content?
Re: manage duplicate content
March 05, 2011 02:51PM
Sphider-plus compares the content of all pages to be indexed with e content of all previous indexed. With respect to the Admin settings, the duplicate content will be indexed or dismissed.

Re: manage duplicate content
March 09, 2011 06:27AM
I have checked on duplicate content on some duplicate checking sites. But they are not showing me the correct results some of them are showing partially reports and others are showing me no copied content . \

Please help what to do and where to check genuine copied content checker.


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Re: manage duplicate content
March 09, 2011 08:35AM
In your MySQL database you will find a table called

This table contains a row called
containing the checksum of all previous indexed links (pages).
While indexing new pages you need to compare all md5sum values with the actual md5sum.
Something like:

	$newmd5sum = md5($raw_file);
	$result = mysql_query("select link_id from ".$mysql_table_prefix."links where md5sum='$newmd5sum'" ) ;

	if (mysql_num_rows($result) > 0) {
		//  warn message: ‘duplicate content’
	} else {
		//  index new link here

Re: manage duplicate content
March 30, 2011 05:47PM
Instead of removing duplicate content, what if I wanted to use it?

So instead of removing the duplicate results from the engine, I'd instead want to group them, so that if an item from the group showed up in the results, as part of the result it would say for example "75 duplicate pages found with this content" or something to that affect.

Should I start a new thread on this topic? I know it's going in the opposite direction in a way.

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