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Sphider-plus version 2.7 released

Posted by Tec 
Sphider-plus version 2.7 released
October 24, 2011 06:52PM
As it might be of interest also for the users of original Sphider:
Meanwhile the newest development of Sphider-plus is available at http://www.sphider-plus.eu
In front of version 2.6 the following items have been added / modified.

-New indexing feature:
Re-indexing could be performed periodically. Once started, this mode will automatically re-index all sites periodically. The time interval is Admin selectable for
3 hours, 12 hours, 1 day, 1 week or 1 month.
Also the count of periodically performed re-indexing procedures is Admin selectable.

-New feature for media search:
Find media results not only by media 'tile', but also by EXIF and ID3 info
To be activated in Admin backend.

-Improved search form. Now offering separated search buttons for 'text' and 'media' queries, as well as a button for combined search.

-Improved search procedure for combined search of text and media, in order to speed up the search procedure.

-Improved delete function in Admin backend:
If a site is deleted from the admin backend, now also all keyword relationships to that site are withdrawn from the database. Site-specific links, category relationships and other dependencies, like registrations in temporary and pending tables, had been already observed before.

-Improved Admin search function:
Searching for 'Sites', the result listing now will present also the 'Options' button to select
Edit, Re-Index, Erase & Re-index, Erase, Delete, Pages, Browse and Statistics

-Improved index procedure for media indexing:
No longer accepting dead links. In order to become indexed, the media file must be present.

-Improved index procedure to speed up indexing.

-Improved index procedure to cooperate with those servers that do not accept basic authentication strings.

-Improved index procedure:
If the 'User Agent String' as defined in Sphider-plus Admin backend is not accepted by the site to be indexed, Sphider-plus will use a standard browser HTTP_USER_AGENT to connect to the site.

-New algorithm to delete the content of HTML and PHP tags
No longer using the PHP function strip_tags(); now also unclosed and invalid tags will be observed during index procedure. As result, also the text following an unclosed or invalid tag will become indexed. This part of the full text was cut off by the PHP function strip_tags().

-Modified index procedure:
The instructions 'RESET QUERY CACHE' and 'FLUSH TABLE' will only be used, if the following Admin setting is activated:
'Clean resources during index / re-index and also for search function'

-Improved 'Settings' interface in Admin backend. After pressing 'Save', now additionally presenting the eventually existing dependencies and the necessarily modified settings.

-New option in Admin settings called:
"Use string list of 'URL Must Not include' also to prevent erasing of involved URLs"
If activated, also erasing of the involved sites and pages (links) will be prevented.
In order to erase all sites and all pages completely, it might become necessary to uncheck this option

-Improved 'Approve sites' menu. If categories are available, as per default the new sites are placed in category 'none'.

-Improved search function:
If in admin backend the option
'Delete special characters like dots, commas, exclamation and question marks etc. as part of words'
is activated, also the search query will be cleaned from secondary characters. Consequently queries like 'book: kellner' and 'kellner, rolf' will no longer fail.This modification will not be active for ‘Phrase’ search.

-Improved search function for queries containing hyphens.

-Improved HTML files. Now loading faster the search form.

-Improved display output for main categories.

-Improved 'addurl' form. Now accepting URL’s without www.

-Improved 'addurl' form. If categories are available, as per default the new suggested site will be placed in category 'none'.

-Common word list added for Chinese language. With thanks to Jame Sian 孙 春淦

-Updated framework for ID3 and EXIF extraction during media indexing.

-Updated GeoIP database, used to provide the IP of the search user.

-Updated IDS configuration file, default filter and converter.

-Updated language files for Czech and Slovenian language. Thanks to Peter Krupa.

-Updated suffix list, holding all the file suffixes, which will not to be indexed.

-Bug fixed in Database backup script that prevented correct storage of index-date.

-Bug fixed in suggest framework to enable suggestions for queries using main-categories.

-Bugs fixed, which prevented disabling the IDS framework for 'Search User' and 'Suggest User'.

-Bug fixed in option "Ignoring parts of a page by <div id=’abc’>" for multiple nested divs.

Re: Sphider-plus version 2.7 released
October 24, 2011 10:59PM
can the free version database easily be brought into the paid version
Re: Sphider-plus version 2.7 released
October 24, 2011 11:20PM
on the sphider plus, after buying, will we be able to remove the link back to the sphider plus site?
Re: Sphider-plus version 2.7 released
October 25, 2011 12:56AM
<<< can the free version database easily be brought into the paid version >>>
No, Sphider-plus requires its own tables, also using more tables than original Sphider. It is not possible to upgrade the db from original Sphider to Sphider-plus.

<<< will we be able to remove the link back to the sphider plus site? >>>

Re: Sphider-plus version 2.7 released
April 28, 2012 01:38AM
Thanks for the new update ^^
Re: Sphider-plus version 2.7 released
April 28, 2012 03:27PM
Thank you for your kind words regarding Sphider-plus. My I kindly inform you that meanwhile version 2.8 has been released.

And v.2.9 is under development . . .

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