Romanian translation - new file with (more) correct phrases smileys with beer
December 21, 2011 11:09AM

I made a few corrections to the romanian translation. Maybe you'll need it, maybe not... I don't have it anywhere on the web to download, but here is the whole code.

Naturally, people might preffer different translations for some stuff (like previous or next for example)... But this is close enough smiling smiley

Don't forget to save in UTF8 format. Good luck!

$sph_messages =  Array (
	"Categories" => "Categorie",
	"Untitled" => "Document necunoscut",
	"Powered by" => "Sponsorizat de",
	"Previous" => "ÃŽnapoi",
	"Next" => "ÃŽnainte",
	"Result page" => "Pagina cu rezultate",
	"Only in category" => "Doar într-o categorie",
	"Search" => "Caută",
	"All sites" => "Toate Site-urile",
	"Web pages" => "Pagini web",
	"noMatch" => "Căutarea după \"%query\" nu a dat niciun rezultat",
	"ignoredWords" => "Următoarele cuvinte au fost ignorate (prea puţine sau prea uzuale): %ignored_words",
	"resultsFor" => "Rezultate pentru:",
	"Results" => "Rezultatele %from - %to din %all %matchword (%secs secunde)", //
	"match" => "găsit",     //
	"matches" => "găsite", //
	"andSearch" => "Căutare (ŞI)",         
	"orSearch" => "Căutare (SAU)",    
	"phraseSearch" => "Caută Fraza",
	"show" => "Arată ",
	"resultsPerPage" => "Rezultate pe pagina",
	"DidYouMean" => "Ai vrut să zici"
    //This file was made by Chitiga Georges (NaKeDMaN) WwW.FreeDownloads.Lx.Ro
    //Updated by Octav Zlătior (
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